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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have tables and chairs?
Yes - we provide tables and chairs.  There's enough chairs and tables to seat 100 people

​Do you allow caterers?
Yes. Our kitchen is fully equipped for caterers use.

Do you provide table cloths/linen?
No we do not provide any table linen.  You will need to bring tea towels for drying if using the kitchen facilities

Do you provide crockery and cutlery?
Crockery and cutlery is available in the kitchen to cater for up to 60 people. 

Do you have a dishwasher?
Yes we have a commercial dishwasher

Can we serve alcohol?

The Hall is not licensed for the sale  of alcohol but you can bring your own for personal consumption.

Can we play live music?
Yes - the Hall is licensed for live and recorded music and the performance of dance. All doors and windows must be closed by 10:30pm to mitigate in the noise impact as this is a residential area.

Is there any free time allowed for setting up and/or clearing up?

We ask that you book and pay for all the time you will be in occupation; this will include any time necessary for setting-up, clearing down and vacating the premises.

How much car parking is there?

There are 40 car park spaces available.  Users are encouraged to walk or cycle to the hall wherever possible.  Please keep nosie to a minimum when vacating the car park late at night.

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